Learn more about 3D Swing Analysis (plus integration with video and Trackman) and its application in the teaching setting - from the experts.  The options are numerous:

1.  We can also provide one-on-one testing and educational sessions for individuals or for small groups of at your own teaching facility. 

2.  Alternatively, bring your staff/colleagues in for a 2-3 hr session at Doral and learn more about interpreting the 3D information (e.g. Timing or Kinematic Sequencing; drills to correct swing faults), ‘teasing’ out the physical issues from the 3D Reports, plus how BioFeedback Training can compliment any teaching style.


Contact Robert Neal (R.Neal@golfbiodynamics.com) or Karen Harrison (K.Harrison@golfbiodynamics.com) directly in order to customise a session to suit your needs.