Rory McIlroy Works with Golf Biodynamics.

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3D Swing Analysis and BioFeedback doesn’t have to be complicated! We understand that not all golfers want to know the details of their swing mechanics and are ‘feel’ players. So, if that’s the case, all details can be provided to your Instructor who will then disseminate the necessary information.

Listed are just some of the advantages to incorporating 3D Technology with GBD into your training:
  1. Know exactly what you are doing when you are swinging well. This serves as a good baseline for comparison at times when your ball striking is less than ideal.
  2. Discover what an efficient kinematic or timing sequence is and how this information can assist us in improving the quality of your ball striking. Your ‘timing sequence’ can actually give us valuable information on power leaks, inefficiencies and physical deficiencies.
  3. Our 3D Report is a terrific dynamic assessment. Find out if your physical training program is optimal for you.
  4. BioFeedback is great for the fine-tuning of your swing, especially when you are a “feel” player. Use it with your Instructor.
  5. Examine how accurate you are around the green - our 3D short game/pitching analysis combined with data from the Trackman.
Tune-Up $350

  • 2hr Tuition
  • 3D and video analysis
  • BioFeedback Training


Australian Golf Professional Simon Nash at Doral in early 2008 says:

Working last week with Dr Rob Neal and Karen Harrison was without doubt the most effective learning experience I have had in the game of golf. It enabled me to gain a true understanding of my golf swing. Initially I was astounded at just how different my feelings are to what is actually happening during my swing. However, armed with that knowledge I was able to make effective changes much more quickly than ever before and am certain that these changes will significantly improve my ball striking. In short, if you're not using biofeedback you're only seeing half the picture.