Our Vision

We see the vision for the company along a number of dimensions:

1. We want to provide the best possible biomechanical sports science support to golf athletes and their coaches/instructors, such that our way of doing things becomes the benchmark to which others compare.

2. Our analysis and technical input will be grounded by scientific research. Thus, this company will lead the world in biomechanical research linking golf performance with physical conditioning, coaching techniques and drills as well as physical performance criteria such as joint flexibility and control.

3. The company, in conjunction with the Golf Athlete Pty Ltd, will provide an educational service to golf coaches and golfers advocating a holistic method of incorporating sport science and medicine, coupled with informed coaching into the development of golf skill.

4. The company wants to inaugurate and instigate a paradigm shift within the golfing public that sees them change the philosophy that permeates current golf thinking. Our vision is to get golfers to believe that informed instruction and dedication to practice is the best way to improve golf performance and that band-aid swing solutions and high-tech equipment will not provide a panacea.

5. We want to develop a model for service similar to the medical and allied health one. In this model, the golf coach/teaching professional is seen as the general practitioner and the sport scientists (Biomechanist, trainer, massage therapist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, strength and conditioning expert, etc.) are seen as the specialists to whom the golf coach refers his/her athletes to for specialist input.

6. To create a network of specialists that sees GBD as the hub of the swing development for Golf Athletes. This will be achieved via a formal network and via an Internet web site.

Taken from our original Business Plan back in 2000.