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August 7, 2013 - Summer in the North-East (USA)

Since Donald Trump began his renovations at The Doral in May 2013, we decided to relocate to the north-east for the summer.  A very busy and successful few months for GBD, it is in fact our 10th season in this part of the world!  We have revisited a few favorite clubs and added a couple of new ones to the list.  Here are some of clubs at which we have held events this year:   

February 14, 2012 - Uniform Sponsorship

Thanks to Tonya Morrow Retail Manager at Doral Golf Resort and Spa for extending a promotional offer to Karen Harrison at Golf BioDynamics at The Jim McLean Golf School (Miami, FL).  Karen is excited to be able to wear clothing from the Ralph Lauren Golf and RLX collections and promote such a quality product.  The RLX range utilises great tech fabrics and the design and cut of the pieces is exceptional.  

February 14, 2012 - The World Scientific Congress of Golf

Rob has confirmed that he will present at the WSCG VI to be held in Phoenix this coming March.  His topic: Amplifying Body Speed: Stretch-Shortening at the Lead Shoulder?  Other GBD Team Members who will be presenting: John Hellstrom - Sweden Mark Bull (with Matthew Bridge) - England Paul Hurrion - England Sean Horan and Kerrie Evans - Griffith University Australia Check for more details on the schedule, speakers and topics.  An event not to be missed!  

December 5, 2011 - The Anti-Summit

Rob takes a seat once more with the "expert panel" at the Golf Conference organised by Brian Manzella.  The Anti-Summit II features Nesbit, MacKenzie, Tuxen, Wood, Neal, and Zick. What is an Anti-Summit? It is a science-based golf symposium where the attendees (and other scientists) can ask questions at any point. Why do we call it that? Because it is science-based and the attendees (and other presenters) can ask questions at any point. It is, very simply, a symposium exposing other pros and avid golfers to scientific consultants, so that the attendees can be exposed to golf science and go out and play and teach better, or at least be able to know the difference be  

November 15, 2011 - The Golf Athlete Seminars

The Golf Athlete are conducting a Level 1 and Level 2 course at the Gold Coast this weekend.  Held at Griffith University the course is offered to both health professionals and golf professionals.  Speakers:  Dr. Robert Neal and Mr. Michael Dalgleish.  

October 25, 2011 - Long Drive Student at Doral

Senior Long Drive Competitor, Edgar Lopez working at Doral with GBD Assistant Gavin Sutherland in preparation for the World Championships later in the year.  Edgar is 46yrs old and has never played a round of golf in his life, he has only been competing in the long drive events for 2 years. He now competes as a left handed golfer although he competed in the 1986  

October 15, 2011 - GBD works with German National Team

15-18th October   Thanks to Uli Eckhart and Uli Zilg - coaches of the Men’s and Boy’s National Teams of Germany.  We spent a great four days with the Teams in Munich this week.  3D Testing, Biofeedback and Trackman integration.  A fantastic interaction with top quality coaches, physical therapists and Christian Marquardt from Sam Putt Lab.