client going through the GBD process client going through the GBD process

Perhaps your child aspires to play golf on a high school or college team or even to play professionally. We can assist in building the best training programs for the technical and physical development of young golf athletes.

As a parent, golf instructor, trainer or physical therapist, it is essential when managing the development of young golf athletes that one possess a good understanding of developmental milestones. Questions such as, how early should they specialize? Or when should they begin working out with ‘weights’ are important ones. We can assist you in navigating these issues.

Experience, research and collaboration with other experts in the field of ‘Long Term Athlete Development’ (see Kelvin Giles www.movementdynamics.com and www.thegolfathlete.com ) allow us to be objective and look beyond the short term to focus on individual needs and longer term goals.

Junior Development Programs (under 18 yrs)
Initial Consult (1hour) Initial Consult (2hours) Customized Program
$175 $325 P.O.A

Annual Program

With a focus on long term athletic development, GBD will provide expert biomechanical input on long game and putting mechanics plus recommendations on physical intervention. A great adjunct to regular golf lessons.

    Over 12 months:
  • x4 3D Swing Analysis Sessions (long game and pitching) including High Speed Video
  • x4 Putting Analysis 3D/High speed video analysis
  • x3 Trackman sessions
  • x3 60min BioFeedback Training
  • x2 Physical Screening sessions
  • x2 Written workout programs
  • x2 Personal training sessions
  • x1 Copy of JC Video (personal version) software for video analysis
  • Education in taking home video + long distance assessment of home video
  • Communication on the technical aspects with your Instructor and written reports.

Price on application.