Thanks for your interest in our Demonstration
version of the
Ultimate System software.

Note: Please read the instructions give below and fill the Registration form given at bottom of page to download Software.

    What you can do in the GBD Ultimate System Demo version:
  • Navigate as one would in ‘Existing Swing Mode’.
  • Open swing files in the Standard, Club and Body or Putting Modules
  • Produce reports on single or multiple swings
  • Make side by side swing comparisons
  • Examine timing and sequencing information, club path graphs, X-Factor information etc..
  • Print screen shots
  • And much more....

N.B. There are a number of swings already loaded into the GBD Demo software, so that you can begin using it straight away! See directions below if you have your own swings to view.

Instruction to Download:

You will need to complete these steps:

1. Complete the registration form with your details

2. Once you have completed the details, click on GET CODE. The website will generate a code that will allow you to download the software from the website. It will email that code to you. You must then copy and paste this code into the box below (Enter code here).

3. The website will check that the code you have pasted matches the one with your details. If they match, the download link will become active, allowing you to download the software.

4. Click on the DOWNLOAD Software link.

5. Save the file to your computer (it is a compressed or zip file).

6. Once the file has saved to your computer, uncompress it and then run the setup program

N.B. If you have been sent your own ‘swing files’ or those of a client/s, this is the process you will need to follow so that the GBD software can access the files:

  1. When the swing files are sent to you via email or given to you directly (e.g. USB) simply save them in a folder called GBD within My Documents (Win XP) or Documents (Vista or 7). This is the folder where the GBD Demo software expects to find the files.
  2. They should now be accessible from inside the GBD software.

For More Details on the Installation Process you may view the following Power Point Slide Show: GBD_Ultimate_System_DEMO_Software_Installation_2011-12

We hope you enjoy the GBD experience on your own computer! If you have any questions or problems with the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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