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Frank Bensel - Century GC - Teaching Professional

Frank Bensel - Century GC says:

Karen and Rob, Thanks so much for coming to Century.   We all got a great deal out of the sessions with you guys.  It was great.  I think it is such a good source of accurate information and I was very impressed with your interpretation and diagnoses.   Hope to see you again soon. Best, Frank (2012)

James Farina III (New York) - New York Client

James Farina III (New York) says:

Dr. Neal and Karen,  Thanks for a wonderful session.  I have really improved since I have started my lessons with you and look forward to improving more.   You are the most innovative and the best in your field.   Thanks again.  (2013)

Rui Raposo - Golf Biodynamics & The Golf Athlete Portugal / South Spain Academia Supergolf Vilamoura (2008)

Rui Raposo says:

It's incredible how Golf Biodynamics changed people minds about golf in Portugal, all the Golf Biodynamics evidence based approaches have been very useful to all our athletes on the national squads to all pro's and amateur clients in Portugal. We are now able to show people results on our golf physical and biomechanical approach by looking (and most important, to explain) their sequence, timing, posture, etc. The Biofeedback mode is the most incredible tool I ever worked with, and I believe that every golfer should have a go on it, getting all the correct feeling to improve their movement patterns.

Since we belong to an incredible international team as Golf Biodynamics, we've been able to make great changes and help Pro's with their client’s golf education. Thanks Rob and Karen for all your effort on bringing this wonderful science into golf.

Karen - Physical Trainer, Delray Beach (2008)

Karen says:

Hi Karen, Thanks for everything. Our meeting, the demonstration, parting with your wisdom and knowledge. I am excited about better helping my clients. I am very interested in the Better Body Better Golf CD’s you mentioned. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again.

Ian Lee - England (2008)

Ian Lee says:

“Dear Dr Neal, Many thanks for a great seminar - I found the information you presented most interesting and informative. You have obviously spent several years researching this area of golf and I was most impressed with your profound knowledge and how clearly and simply you explained Golf BioDynamics. I felt I learnt a great amount - so I am delighted I made the decision to attend! Best wishes for your continued success.”

Jakob and Martin - Physiotherapists Danish Golf Union,Denmark. (2007)

Jakob and Martin says:

“Dear Karen, Rob and Michael (Dalgleish), Once again thank you for some very inspiring days. We have had very good feedback on the seminar (TGA Level 1) and learned a lot from you during the days with DGU (Danish Golf Union)”.

Chuck Rockafella - Sleepy Hollow CC NY USA (2007)

Chuck Rockafella says:

“Thank you very much. I mentioned to Kevin (Sprecher) that this was the most impactful golf instruction experience I have ever attended. Last week I had my first one-on-one training sessions with Scott (Reilly) and I will be working with him 1-2x per week in addition to continuing with Pilates. I also have been dutiful in practicing the speed drills Kevin gave me. The good news is that I shot a 79 the other day with three double bogies. I now feel that I have the roadmap to better golf. Hopefully, you’ll be back to SHCC this summer. I would welcome the opportunity to track my progress with your continued support. -all the best,”

Jeff Tory - Montreal Canada (2007)

Jeff Tory says:

“Hi Robert, Thanks for all of the documentation. Now for the implementation phase! FYI: This Saturday past, with my new swing thoughts, I shot 72 @ Le maitre including 3 birdies, an eagle and a hole in one! What do you think of that? Have a good summer”.

Jeff - Owings Mills, MD, USA (2007)

Jeff says:

“It was great to meet both of you and I thoroughly enjoyed my session at Hayfields CC. Your program is very impressive and your expertise in the field is outstanding. I will highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their golf swing and technique. Now, I must say farewell so I can go work on my swing! Hopefully, I will be able to stop by The Doral this winter to say hello. Take care and many thanks again,

Jim - Golf Player (2008)

Jim says:

“Thanks, Rob and Karen. I enjoyed a marvelous, and wet, round on the Blue Monster on Saturday. Struggled with my new swing plane that Michael (Hunt) helped me with, but after six buckets of balls this am, I think I have it! Even the hip move on the downswing is becoming more natural. Thank you again for a most rewarding experience.”

Steve Drew - CARSPAZE, Inc. (2007)

Steve Drew says:

“Rob, Marisa and I enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot from you, Karen, and Bobby (Cole). We'll be playing quite a bit this week and are anxious to see improvement. So far, while the handicaps have not gone down, we now know what we are doing wrong and we see more consistency in our play. In particular, I had heard that the swing starts with the hips, but did not really understand what that meant until Karen took me through the last BioDynamics session. I thank her for that. You have a great facility and team and we look forward to joining you again or sending friends to you. Thanks”

Marisa Drew - Managing Director Head of European Leveraged Finance Origination Credit Suisse (2008)

Marisa Drew says:

Dear Rob- Thank you for this. We had a great experience at the school and thought that the Biodynamics portion was particularly helpful. We appreciate your professionalism and great advice.

Tom - Jim McLean Golf Schools at Doral (2008)

Tom says:

“Dr. Robert: I truly enjoyed Jim's golf school again this year. I wanted you to know that the Biodynamics analysis pointed-out the greatest degree of improvement and that I still need to make most significant changes in my game. I am very excited about the hip-bump techniques and dropping the club inside before delivering it to the ball. I am so excited to hit the practice range and try the new golf practice techniques that you have shown me. I hope you don't mind if I call or e-mail you to discuss. Your program is truly amazing and I will be recommending both your program and Jim's golf school to all my friends and colleagues.”

Dave Marshall - Handicap 4 Miami FL (2007)

Dave Marshall says:

“As a single digit handicap golfer who has played since age 13, I often thought that I never completely understood or felt the motions of a proper golf swing. My game and play was frequently inconsistent. When my pro suggested that I try Golf Biodynamics, I finally really experienced and understood the proper body positioning, movement and sequencing of the swing. In addition to designing practice in order to improve the quality of my swing, it has helped me to make proper adjustments when needed during my rounds. My game is more consistent and my handicap has been cut in half since starting Golf Biodynamics. And, the bonus is that we have recently used the same system to dramatically improve my putting.”

Mark Johnson - Teaching Professional (2007)

Mark Johnson says:

“Thank you very much for sharing all your knowledge with us over the last few days. I found the seminars extremely helpful, especially the integration of the Physio's with the 3D. Thank you too for seeing Dave (Horsey) on the Monday. He is a good lad and he really appreciated your input. Looking forward to seeing you again next year”.

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