It compliments 2D video analysis to improving teaching outcomes
  • Expert Biomechanical interpretation makes the difference
  • The GBD Reports are easy to understand
  • The GBD 3D System is highly accurate
  • Data are provided in real-time
  • The analysis is quantitative not qualitative
  • Transition and Downswing Timing Sequences (lags) are easily identified
  • Are you swinging on plane?
  • Full swing and Putting Analyses are available
How does the 3D System work?
  • We use an electromagnetic motion tracking system (Polhemus Hardware)
  • Receivers/sensors, attached to various body parts, distort the magnetic field generated
  • The distortion is proportional to the position and orientation of the sensor
  • True 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) measurement (rotations and translations)
How long does it take?
Initial Session – 1 hr
  • Only 10 minutes to collect the data
  • An interpretive analysis comparing your swing to our "Ideal Swing" (includes corridors of acceptability)
  • Discussion and management plan for improvement
  • The Biofeedback Training session - get a "feel" for the correct movement pattern
What can it do for me?
  • It can tell you exactly what you are doing right now! (Jim McLean)
  • Lead you towards more efficient body motion for a repeatable and powerful golf swing
  • The GBD Report will make suggestions as to the important technical faults to address
  • The Biofeedback Training can accelerate the learning of new motor patterns – Learn Faster!
  • Links to your physical deficiencies can be identified