Q: How often have you felt that new movement you are attempting in your golf swing is so very different, even uncomfortable, only to see on video that there is very little difference in the actual positions? Or perhaps with time you have exaggerated the correction and ‘overdone’ it.

The other clear advantages to using this method to train are:

  1. Speed of Movement - It can give us a clear idea of how much you may need to slow down the movement in order to perform it correctly. The intention is for quality practice and repetitions to ingrain the new pattern of movement. Too often the student expects improvements while trying to maintain maximal speed in their golf swing. It is an almost impossible ‘ask’ of the body and our neurological make-up.
  2. Drill Effectiveness - We are able to assess the effectiveness of a variety of ‘drills’. Which ones work best for you?
  3. Focus your Practice - A short session can help you to focus your practice time by giving you the correct feel for the movement you are trying to perform. As little as 10 mins prior to your practice session can be enormously valuable.
client going through the GBD process
60mins 120mins 180mins
$150 $280 $425

The best way to take advantage of this system of training is to access it for short periods on a regular basis. For example, if you are taking lessons and have a few days or a weekend to spend with us, 20-30 mins of BioFeedback each day prior to your practice will go a long way to assisting you in making the change.  It will help you to focus your practice and is a great monitoring tool.

We recommend these packages be used in 20-30 min blocks at a time over your stay. It is a great adjunct to other lesson packages.